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Offre d'un poste en VIE

Sales support manager / Job Proposal
Sencrop, an European ag-tech start-up company, based in Euratechnologies (Lille, France), is looking for agengineer students (master 2 degree) for a first amazing experience in the boyant universe of precision farming.
Positioned  at  the  cutting  edge  of  innovation  in  connected  agriculture,  Sencrop  wins  top  award  for  its  highprecision agrometeorological station and platform at the 2017 SIMA Innovation Awards ceremony.
Today, agriculture decisions rely more and more on data analysis.
At Sencrop we are a passionnate team dedicated to making a real impact in agriculture.
Sencrop  empowers  ALL  farmers  to  make  the  right  decisions  at  the  right  time  to  improve  their  yields,  and
ultimately their way of life :
  view the current conditions of their fields in real-time
  make better agronomic decisions thanks to ultra-local weather information
  interact with their partners based on streaming data
Thanks  to  low-power  long-range  networks  and  affordable  connected  sensors,  in-field  data  can  stream
continuously into the Sencrop mobile platform.
In  the  context  of  acceleration  of  our  growth,  we  are  gathering  all  those  dedicated  to  bringing  valuable
precision farming services to farmers.
Discover the VIE program! You are between 22 and 28, Belgian and you would like to work for a fast growing
international start-up, join Sencrop!
Your mission:
-  Assist the Benelux sales manager (especially in Flanders and the Netherlands)
-  Provide commercial support to the sales manager and quickly expand in this key area
-  Identify top leads ans business opportunities
-  Meet with farmers’ groups
-  Boost commercial contacts and facilitate commercial presentation
-  Prepare and assist in national and international tradeshows (France and abroad)
-  Welcome visitors on the booth and present the innovative service that the company has developped,
distribute flyers and leaflets during the agricultural trade show
-  Report to Business Development Manager / Sales & Support Executive
-  Gain experience in outbound communications, by contacting potential customers
-  Lead generation and creative research of potential partners.
-  Gain experience in customer support. Handling multiple types of operational issues.
-  Gain experience in product testing
-  Community management on twitter, facebook, … Post some event announcements on social networks
and internet
-  On-line leads generation, communication and writing through white paper, posts, blog, …
-  Web analytics of the offline and online communication campaign
-  Think  about product opportunities and improvment, customer involvement (app, services) in contact
with customers
-  Phoning campaign to get in relation with leads and customers, and follow-up/reminder calls
Sales support manager / Job Proposal
-  Sense  of  initiative,  comfortable relationship,  strong business  character  and search  for autonomy,
optimistic person, customer-centric
-  Good knowledge of agriculture and real interest in precison farming (notably potato plant)
-  Good communication skills including engaging and appropriate phone manner and  good spelling and
-  Speak fluent Dutch and English (or Dutch and French)
-  Flexibility, dedication
-  Pleasant and positive attitude
Grants/Wages  (net  of  charges  and  taxes):  Net  €  2.100  /  month  (guaranteed  contract  of   minimum  +12
months) + transportation fees
Location: office located in the Netherlands (near Emmeloord) and part-time in Lille / Rijsel (northern France)
Ready to meet the challenge of our international development ?
Looking for new challenges at work?
Willing to fulfill your potential within an international start-up ?
Wishing to be involved in a strategic project within a fast growing start-up company?
Please contact: martin@sencrop.com

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