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les amis du néerlandais - vrienden van het Nederlands

TeamInside Lille is recruiting Senior Web Publishers / Web Editorial Managers

Dutch + English required

4 years’ experience minimum


Job Title: Senior Web Publisher, Web Editorial Manager in Lille


For Belgium or the Netherlands if you speak Dutch, you are in charge of the editorial animation of a mainstream high-performance website, its apps and social networks covering a variety of topics (News, Finance, Sports, Entertainment, Food & Drink ...).

Under the supervision of specific topic’s manager and according to the editorial policy and predefined guidelines.
You are in charge of a team of 3-4 Junior Publishers.
Your are responsible for the implementation of scheduled online editing (editorial quantity and quality).
You are responsible for reporting quality and their thorough analysis.


- Managing and animating your team of Junior Publishers (3-4 people)

- Selecting content (text, video, artwork) for scheduling

- Programming editorial space via CMS/social networks

- Creating original content when necessary

- Responsible for editorial quality

- Monitoring performance and adaptation of programming

- Proactive relaying of bugs and points of improvement

- Responsible for the quality of reporting and their thorough analysis

- Taking part in the continuous innovation process

- Suggesting new ideas and possible improvements

Key Competencies:

- Managerial skills

- Editorial and media sensibility

- General knowledge, multilingual culture and 2.0 culture

- Agile mind

Computer skills:



Web Analytics

Facebook and Twitter

Preferred: Yammer, or other collective working tools

Required Languages :

ENGLISH required

+ Dutch


Minimum 4 years’ experience






Solid stress control

Managerial skills

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