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Offre d'emploi pour traducteur FR/EN => NL

Une collègue parisienne nous fait suivre l'offre d'emploi/de stage suivante. La personne à contacter est:  Mikhaïl Savtchenko, mishustix@gmail.com

Translator FR/EN => NL (Permanent contract or internship)



Talentsoft is the European leader in cloud applications for talent management.

Our solution can effectively control the recruitment, training, performance, skills, careers and compensation of employees. Companies of all sizes and in all sectors trust us and use our application daily to develop their human capital. We now have 3 million users in over 100 countries. Talentsoft has partnered with some of the biggest names in the high-tech industry to build its offer, which includes the Microsoft software. Talentsoft has experienced rapid growth since its creation in 2007 and now counts about 500 employees around the world.


Job description:

JOB: Translator

COUNTRY: France or the Netherlands

CONTRACT: Permanent contract or internship


LENGTH OF CONTRACT: Indefinite or 6 months



Mission description:

A fast-growing company, Talentsoft invites you to participate in its development:

Above all, Talentsoft is a worldwide IT solution for managing human resources.

This is a general translation job. You will be required to translate for all our business processes ranging from tools developed by Marketing to future customer communication and elements from our previous customers.

You will be in charge of creating and proofreading the translation glossaries as well as verifying the application translation carried out by our external translation agency. You will also actively participate in improving the application translation process. Talentsoft’s “Skill Center” team is looking for a super new colleague to join its translation team.





You’ll be in charge of translating our documents on all types of digital media. These documents are our customers’ first impression of us. It is through these that our clients become familiar with our latest features before they even exist.




The average age at Talentsoft is 30 years.

Located in Boulogne (near Paris!), a nice little neighborhood full of restaurants and small shops. You can also be based in Copenhagen.


Talentsoft is one of the great successes of the French software industry. We almost doubled our turnover this year and doubled the number of employees!





About you:

  1. Are you fully bilingual in French/English and a native speaker of Dutch?

  2. Are you fluent in Swedish or Danish?

  3. Do you have a background in Human Resources? No, but would you like to learn?

  4. Do you want to work in a context where people trust you?

  5. Do you believe that a client’s deadline is non-negotiable?

  6. When you do something, do you tend to ask why and how you can work more effectively next time?

  7. Do you want your knowledge to be a true asset and to make a difference?

  8. Do you want to work in a company where your colleagues have the same interests as you, since they are almost the same age?

  9. Do you think that working with our teams in the Netherlands, Denmark or Germany is awesome?

  10. Are you a beginner-level geek?

  11. Do you want to work in a nice and lively neighborhood instead of in a big, impersonal ivory tower?


If you answered ‘yes’ to at least 6 of the 11 questions, we'd love to talk to you!


To succeed in this role, you must:


Have interned / worked as a translator

Know how to use a CAT tool

Have good oral/interpersonal skills

Be a team player

Have good listening skills

Be meticulous

Be curious and active

Be interested in web technologies


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